Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services also referred to as AWS, is an on-demand cloud computing services platform founded in 2006. It is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides IT services (cloud computing services) to the market. It also provides services to governments, companies, as well as individuals across the world on a paid basis. AWS delivers a mix of PaaS, SaaS and IaaS.


Primarily, the AWS platform was first launched in 2002 with a few tools and services; however, this cloud computing platform was revamped in 2003. In late 2004, the first public usage Amazon Web Services – Simple Queue Service (SQS) was launched. It was relaunched once again in 2006; this time with the combination of three initial service – Amazon S3 cloud storage, SQS, and EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud).


Ever since it was officially re-launched on March 14, 2006, ASW has come a long way and has become the world’s leading on-demand cloud computing services platform. It is a highly reliable and exceedingly flexible platform that empowers users to choose their handy programming language, web application platform and operating system. It is highly secure as it has data centres, which are monitored and strictly maintained. Today, this cloud computing platform has roughly thousands of customers in 190 countries. Netflix, Adobe, Pinterest, Unilever, BMW, Vodafone, SAP, Samsung, Philips, Tata Motors, Xiaomi, Nokia are the prominent names amongst AWS users. Besides that, Amazon Web Services have been awarded as an Agency Authority to Operate (ATO) in 2013.

Why should one take Amazon Web Services classes?

AWS is one of the most secure storage and networking platform, where it’s well-designed infrastructure helps increase business performance and reduces cost. Other services of AWS include application services, management, analytics, developer tools, mobile, IoT tools and more. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services is one of the cloud computing service platforms, which continually upgrades and launches new features and practicality to meet users expectations. No wonder why! A countless number of individuals are taking AWS coaching classes to master it, also to become a skilled professional in cloud computing.


On the other hand, IoT developers and Big Data analysts are hunting for the best AWS training centres to enrol themselves in the training as Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification, which is one of the top most valuable IT certifications in the world. Alongside the number of companies moving in the cloud, AWS skills facilitate a broader range of career opportunities. IT professionals with AWS skills are in great demand, and they are amongst the highest paid professionals in big companies across the world.